Integrity Service

Integrity Service

Ebiotech Legal and Compliance Department is an independent supervision organization led by the board of directors of Ebiotech Group, responsible for the maintenance of the company’s anti-fraud channels and the investigation of cases.We are responsible to the board of directors and whistleblowers to carry out anti-fraud work.

Integrity report hotline: 010-89202086-8009

Integrity Report E-mail:

Mailing address: Beijing Yisheng Xingye Technology Co., Ltd., Building 2, No. 38 Yongda Road, Daxing District, Beijing, 102600

Scope of report

“Integrity report” is limited to the report of Bio Bio employees violating the relevant provisions of the company’s anti-fraud management measures, mainly including: the company’s internal and external personnel using fraud and other illegal means to seek personal improper interests, damage the legitimate economic interests of the company;Or seek improper economic benefits of the company, and may bring improper benefits to individuals.

To report duty

1. The informant shall abide by national laws and regulations and shall not damage the legitimate interests of others.

2. The contents of the report shall be objective and fair, and shall not fabricate or distort the facts or frame others.


1. The Legal and Compliance Department of Ebiotech shall strictly keep confidential and protect the sources of complaints and reports.

2. The informant shall, as far as possible, explain the basic process of the matter, the name, address and specific parties of the object of the report, and provide evidence or other relevant materials of the infringement of personal interests or the interests of the company.